Approximately 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV, and tens of thousands are diagnosed each year. According to, about 15% of people who are HIV positive don’t even know it. In an effort to reduce the risk of HIV, some take pre-exposure prophylaxis, which is also known as PrEP. PrEP drugs lower the risk of getting infected with HIV and spreading throughout the body.

Truvada is a TDF PrEP medication manufactured by a company called Gilead. It has been marketed for years as an effective way to prevent HIV. On July 16, 2012, the FDA approved TDF to be used as PrEP. However, Truvada may cause kidney and bone issues. Additionally, Gilead created (but did not market) a more effective drug for years.


This is an important health alert for anyone who has taken the HIV PrEP drug Truvada.

What is the Problem With Truvada?

Truvada (TDF) may cause a number of serious health complications, including kidney and bone issues. Early indicators of a kidney problem may be abnormal protein levels in the urine, high creatine levels, and abnormal glomular filtration rate (or GFR). These could lead to kidney disease, Fanconi Syndrome or kidney failure. 

Gilead had also created another drug, TAF, which was far more effective than TDF at a lower dose.

What Did Gilead Know About Truvada?

Part of the problem is that, in addition to TDF, Gilead also had developed another effective drug, TAF. TAF is more effective than TDF and requires a lower dosage. In fact, TAF showed a tenfold increase in antiviral activity relative to TDF.  However, Gilead decided to sell TDF under the brand name Truvada for more than a decade, even though the corporation was aware that TAF was a better option for patients. Gilead knew as early as July 2000 that TAF was more effective, yet it continued to sell TDF to maximize profits. 

Gilead marketed several TDF drugs, including:

  • Atripla – 300 mg
  • Complera – 300 mg
  • Stribild – 300 mg
  • Truvada – 300 mg
  • Viread  – 300 mg

By comparison, the following TAF drugs are more effective even with smaller doses:

  • Genvoya – 10 mg
  • Descovy – 25 mg
  • Odefsey – 25 mg
  • Biktarvy – 25 mg

Have Lawsuits Been Filed Against Gilead?

Yes, lawsuits have already been filed against Gilead. As of July 2019, there were more than 230 plaintiffs who filed lawsuits in the Northern District of California. Gilead’s motion to dismiss the cases was denied. Other cases have been filed in state court throughout California.

How Do I Get Involved in Truvada Litigation?

The Ruth Law Team is now accepting Truvada cases. If you developed kidney problems or bone issues after taking a TDF drug like Truvada, contact the product liability attorneys at The Ruth Law Team. Our law firm has been handling only injury cases such as these for more than 46 years now. Your call is completely free, and there are no fees or costs unless you win your case. Contact us at (888) 783-8378 to discuss your case with our law team. Or, simply fill out the form on this page, and someone from our office will contact you.