Update (6/23/2021): A federal MDL (multidistrict litigation) has been formed in the Southern District of IL. MDLs are formed to consolidate the numerous cases nationwide into one court system. This is not a class action. For more information, review Case 3:21-md-03004-NJR.

For decades, the older herbicide “paraquat” has been used to protect crops on farms throughout the nation.  Unfortunately, due to the potency of the formula, people who live close to agricultural areas in which paraquat was used have the potential to suffer due to their exposure.  Numerous studies have also shown that this herbicide may be linked to Parkinson’s disease as well as kidney disease and kidney failure.

If you or a loved one was routinely exposed to paraquat and have developed Parkinson’s disease, kidney disease, or kidney failure, then you may be entitled to compensation.  Whether you directly applied paraquat or have lived near a farm that potentially used paraquat, we may be able to help you.  The experienced attorneys at The Ruth Law Team are currently reviewing several lawsuits for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease.  We will help you and your loved ones seek justice by filing a paraquat claim on your behalf.  Contact The Ruth Law Team at (888) 783-8378 for your free consultation.

What Is Paraquat?

As noted above, paraquat is an herbicide.  It is used on commercial farms to eradicate unwanted plant growth and make way for the planting of new crops.  Paraquat has been banned by multiple countries, yet it is still one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States.

Currently, paraquat is legal in the U.S.  However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies all paraquat products as Restricted Use Products, which means that only commercially licensed entities can purchase and use paraquat.  While various commercial industries are legally able to purchase paraquat, it is almost exclusively used by commercial farmers.

Paraquat is produced and sold under a variety of different brand names.  The following are some of the most common products that contain paraquat:

  • Para-Shot 3.0
  • Firestorm
  • Cyclone SL 2.0
  • Bonedry
  • Helmquat 3SL
  • Paraquat Concentrate
  • Blanco
  • Devour
  • Ortho-Paraquat
  • Gramoxone
  • Parazone
  • Quick-Quat
  • Crisquat
  • Dexuron
  • Esgram
  • Gramuron
  • Para-col
  • Pillarxone
  • Tota-col
  • Toxer Total
  • PP148
  • Gramixel
  • AH 501
  • Bai Cao Ku

If you or a loved one has been exposed to any of these chemicals, then you may be eligible to file a paraquat injury claim.  The Ruth Law Team can assess the merits of your claim and offer invaluable legal guidance during your time of need.

Is Paraquat Dangerous?

Yes, paraquat is an extremely dangerous chemical.  Not only has it been linked to Parkinson’s disease as well as kidney disease or kidney failure, but it is also poisonous if ingested.  In fact, according to the scientific journal Environmental Health, paraquat is implicated in roughly 100 poisonings in the U.S. every single year.

How harmful is paraquat you ask?  On the authority of the EPA, even “one small accidental sip can be fatal, and there is no antidote.”  The fact that so many commercial farmers still use such a dangerous substance is an act of negligence and disregard for the safety of others.  This negligence will lay the groundwork for your paraquat-related injury claim.

Who Can File a Claim?

As we do with every personal injury claim, The Ruth Law Team will need to demonstrate how a particular event caused an injury or ailment.  In the case of paraquat, this means that you or your loved one will need to have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and exposed to the chemical paraquat.

Because of the potency of paraquat, people who live or lived near farms or heavy agricultural areas could potentially be affected, too.  You or your loved one do not need to have a history of direct application exposure to file a claim.

With that said, every single paraquat case is unique.  The best way to find out if you have grounds to file a claim is to have a meeting with a knowledgeable attorney such as those at The Ruth Law Team.  We offer you free, no-obligation consultations so that you can get the help you need fast.

What Happens When I Hire an Attorney?

The thought of hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, The Ruth Law Team will walk you through every step of the process. When we accept your case, our attorney will follow our simple but proven process. This process includes:

Our first step is to gather any documents that are pertinent to your case. This may include medical records, medical bills, work history, list of past residences, and other information that can demonstrate your exposure to paraquat.

After we have gathered preliminary documents, our team will take a closer look at your case. This may involve speaking to former employers, obtaining purchasing records, meeting with witnesses/co-workers, and more.

The final stage in our process is to negotiate your settlement. We will attempt to work directly with the defense in order to achieve a prompt resolution. Please be aware, however, that these types of cases can take years to resolve. Rest assured, we will continue fighting on your behalf.

Is There a Class Action for Paraquat Causing Parkinsons?

No, there isn’t a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer of Paraquat.  Many different product liability lawsuits have been filed in multiple states against Chevron, Syngenta, and other manufacturers claiming that Paraquat causes Parkinson’s disease and no warnings were placed on the product. Rather than establishing a class action lawsuit, these Paraquat cases are filed individually and will ultimately be consolidated into a single court system in the Southern District of Illinois. This is known as multi-district litigation.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

If you or a loved one is suffering from Parkinson’s disease due to paraquat exposure, the last thing that you should have to worry about is financial limitations.  The Ruth Law Team wants you to be able to focus on seeking justice, not paying attorneys fees.  That is why we operate on a contingency basis.

When you partner with The Ruth Law Team, you will not pay any money in advance—in fact, you will not pay us anything except if we recover for you.  Even if we have to take your case to trial, you will not be charged unless we win.  Once we recover, our fees will be deducted from your settlement.

Accomplished Personal Injury Attorneys

The Ruth Law Team can provide you with high-quality representation during your paraquat injury claim.  We have won thousands of cases and have developed a reputation for tirelessly representing our clients.

Don’t just take our word for it—our results speak for themselves.  To date, our lead trial lawyer Eric Roslansky has recovered over $100 million for our clients in various injury jury verdicts alone. We have taken on cases involving car accidents, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice, and even tobacco-related deaths.  If you want justice, The Ruth Law Team is here to fight on your behalf.

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