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Every year there are over 250,000 traffic accidents involving collisions between commercial trucks and personal cars. These crashes are virtually always far more serious for the driver of the smaller vehicle. It is very important for everyone with a driver’s license to know how to share the road safely with large trucks and buses; your life may depend on it.

One of the most important things to know about sharing the road with semis is that these vehicles have large no zones – areas around the truck that the driver cannot see. If you have been injured in a crash while driving in a truck’s no zone, the truck driver can use that fact in his or her defense. To learn about winning fair compensation despite this type of setback, call the Tampa no zone truck accident attorneys of the Ruth Law Team at (813) 254-1416.

Where Are the No Zones?

No zones, also known as blind spots, are located in four areas around an 18-wheeler or bus:

  • The front: Truck drivers cannot see people or smaller vehicles that are located too close to the front of their vehicles. Before changing lanes or passing in front of a truck, make sure you have plenty of room – at least two car lengths – between your vehicles.
  • The left and right sides: Be careful when pulling up beside a large truck; if you cannot see the driver in the side mirror, he or she cannot see you. If a truck is turning, it is best to not be on either side of it.
  • The back: Truckers have no reliable way of knowing who or what is behind them. Keep lots of space between yourself and a truck in front of you, in case it stops suddenly or backs up. Be very careful when walking or driving past a stopped truck that may back up.

If you have been hurt in a no zone accident, winning compensation can be difficult. You will need the assistance of a fully qualified Tampa no zone 18-wheeler accident attorney.

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