Driving a commercial truck is not an easy job by any means. Trucks are large and potentially dangerous vehicles: some weigh more than 80,000 pounds. Even in the best conditions, they can be difficult to steer or to drive along steep roads. Unfortunately, truckers are rarely working in the best conditions, as they often have to drive long hours without breaks to meet their deadlines.

Whether you have been injured by a negligent trucker or drive a truck yourself, the 18-wheeler accident lawyers the Ruth Law Team can help you deal with the aftermath of an accident. We know how to sort through an accident to determine who is ultimately responsible, and how to successfully file a claim against that party.

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A large truck accident is rarely minor. If you have been hurt by a negligent truck driver or trucking company, you need to contact an attorney to learn about and to protect your legal rights.

Trucking accidents caused by negligence are an alarmingly widespread problem. Every year there are over 500,000 commercial truck accidents across the US. These accidents are often fatal, especially for the passengers of the smaller car. Our semi-truck accident lawyers are dedicated to reducing the rate of these tragic accidents by ensuring that negligent parties face fair consequences.

Our law firm is fully dedicated to personal injury cases. We do not represent any insurance companies or corporations. This is because we want to commit fully to helping victims of negligence.

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