Emotional problems – whether they are chronic disorders or a temporary problem involving recent life changes – are a very common social issue. Every year millions of Americans see therapists or psychiatrists for assistance dealing with a variety of issues. By seeking professional help, they are placing a good deal of trust in their mental health providers.

Unfortunately, this trust is sometimes misplaced. Whether through lack of knowledge, distraction, or outright callousness, some mental health professionals fail to meet the standards of care required by their profession. In some cases, these negligent doctors and therapists can be held liable for their actions through malpractice claims. To learn more about malpractice and your rights as a mental health patient, contact the Tampa psychiatric malpractice attorneys of the Ruth Law Team at 1-888-783-8378.

What is Psychiatric Malpractice?

Like other doctors, psychiatrists have an obligation to treat their patients according to established professional standards. A psychiatrist may have committed malpractice if he or she makes an error such as:

  • Prescribing the wrong drug or dosage
  • Failure to obtain informed consent before beginning treatment
  • Use of a dangerous and untested treatment
  • Sexual harassment or other forms of abuse
  • Failure to respect a patient’s right to privacy

If an error like these has caused you physical or emotional suffering, you could have grounds for legal action. Our Tampa psychiatric malpractice lawyers will fight diligently to protect your rights.

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