Past Nursing Home and ALF Lawsuit Settlements

The Ruth Law Team has represented long-term care resident’s and their families for over 40 years. Each case is reviewed by our attorneys, trained staff and medical experts for its own merits. The cases listed below are a sampling of some of our past nursing home and assisted living case.

$1,200,00 – Nursing Home Negligence Settlement

The Ruth Law Team settled a case for $1,200,000 after a nursing home resident was attacked in bed by fire ants. Our client was not able to get out of bed without assistance and blisters covered their arm, neck, upper torso and back. No one came to cries for help.

$840,000 – Rehabilitation Facility Settlement

Our client was in a rehabilitation center and suffered from pressure sores and ultimately died from malnutrition and infection. The Ruth Law Team was able to recover 840,000 for the family for the resident’s pain and suffering.

$800,000 – Nursing Home Lawsuit Verdict

Our law firm tried a case for our client who experienced many injuries while in the nursing facility, including falls, bedsores, infections and ultimately death. Our attorneys argued for punitive damages against the nursing home for the gross neglect and the jury awarded the additional amount.

$1,000,000 recovered for a quadriplegic in nursing home who developed enormous pressure sores on her hips which became severely infected and led to her death.

$800,000 for our client who sustained numerous injuries while in a nursing home including infections, bedsores, falls and ultimately death. Our firm was able to successfully argue for punitive damages against the nursing home.

$ 250,000 recovered for a nursing home resident who sustained multiple falls, fractured arm, developed infections, bedsores on back and heels, and became malnourished and dehydrated.

$ 250,000 recovery for nursing home resident. The nursing home’s negligence caused bedsores on back and heels which became infected.

$ 375,000 recovery for victim that suffered multiple falls and a fractured hip while at an assisted living facility.

$ 262,500 obtained for victim admitted to the hospital following infection in recently replaced hip. While in the hospital he was not appropriately turned and re-positioned and he developed a large bedsore on his back which reached down to the bone.

$ 292,500 recovery for hospital victim who developed bedsores on his back while a patient in the hospital.