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In 2015, Florida led the nation in the number of motorcycle fatalities, and the number of fatalities increased by 8% nationwide since 2014.

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The hard truth is that other drivers make riding a motorcycle a dangerous method of transportation. Bikers have the same right to use our roadways safely as all other drivers. It’s the responsibility of every driver to take extra caution and respect the rights of all vehicles, especially motorcycles and bicycles.

Tampa Motorcycle Accident AttorneyOver the past 35 years, The Ruth Law Team’s motorcycle lawyers have earned a reputation for providing experienced high-quality representation to clients who have suffered injuries in motorcycle accidents. We’ve been there for the families of those who have tragically lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash. We know how to conduct an in-depth investigation, carefully preserve and skillfully present all evidence, and demand full restitution. You can go to Our Results and see how we’ve helped accident victims get the financial compensation they deserve for their loss and their recovery.

Common Questions after a Motorcycle Accident

Who pays to get my motorcycle fixed if the at-fault driver had no insurance?

If the at-fault driver damaged your motorcycle crash and doesn’t have any insurance coverage, it’s important to see if you have Collision coverage under your insurance policy. If you have Collision coverage on your motorcycle, you can go through your own insurance coverage to have your motorcycle repaired or replaced. Of course, the at-fault party is always responsible for their acts of negligence involving a motorcycle wreck. If you don’t have Collision coverage and the at-fault driver doesn’t have any insurance, you may file a lawsuit against the individual responsible for the damage to your motorcycle. An experienced motorcycle injury and accident attorney at The Ruth Law Team would be happy to review your options in a free consultation.

I was injured on my bike when a car cut me off and then drove away. Can I file a claim through my own motorcycle insurance?

Potentially. If the other driver was who at-fault for causing your injuries subsequently left the scene, and neither the driver/owner of that car or motorcycle have been able to be identified, under Florida law they are considered to be an uninsured motorist. If you carry Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorist (UM) coverage with your motorcycle insurance policy, your insurance should provide coverage for your injuries, and in essence, take the place of the unknown uninsured motorist’s insurance company. Additionally, if you have Medical Payments coverage with your policy, this would be an additional means of getting your medical expenses compensated for through your insurance company. Keep in mind, though, that while it is your insurance company, the insurance company is going to be looking out for their best interests. To protect your financial interests, speak with an experienced Florida motorcycle lawyer concerning your rights.

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