Government regulations on manufacturers that produce dangerous products often lack teeth and offer little more than a wrist slap. An experienced product liability lawyer can help individual citizens prosecute reckless or negligent manufacturers of defective or mislabeled products. This type of lawsuit is often the consumer’s most effective weapon against unreasonably dangerous products.

Defective Product Saw Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured by the failure of a dangerous or defective product, a product liability lawyer at the Ruth Law Team can help.

A product may be considered dangerous or defective for various reasons.

  • The design of the product could be defective, thus making the entire line of products unreasonably dangerous, leading to a possible manufacturer’s recall.
  • Another type of product liability stems from manufacturing defects, which can occur during the production process and affect only a small number of otherwise reasonably safe products.
  • A product can be deemed unreasonably dangerous if appropriate warnings are absent.

Any consumer product can be considered dangerous or defective, including motor vehicles, baby products, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products that are unreasonably dangerous when used appropriately. Even if the product has not been subjected to a recall, consumers possess the power to file a claim for their injuries and damages. As a result, manufacturers are constantly working to pass laws to limit consumer rights.

You can review a full list of medical devices and medications we are currently investigating.

A knowledgeable product liability lawyer at the Ruth Law Team can advise you of how to proceed in the event of an injury caused by a defective product. For example, we can advise that injured consumers preserve any potentially defective product. This is very important because the consumer may be left with no proof if the item is lost, and the possibility of a successful lawsuit could be diminished. In addition, we can investigate manufacturing practices and date as well as hire credible experts to help prove a causal link.

A product liability lawsuit is the best, if not the only, remedy for consumers injured by unreasonably dangerous products. A product liability lawsuit also generates incentive for manufacturers to produce safer products.

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