The Paragard is a hormone-free, copper IUD device designed to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years.  Like other IUDs, Paragard may be removed when the patient decides she would like to become pregnant or no longer wishes to use the IUD.  However, upon removal, women have experienced complications due to a defective product design.

What is the issue with Paragard IUD?

Designed to be easily reversible, unfortunately it has caused serious issues for women upon removal.  Patients and physicians are learning the IUD arm(s) may easily break while attempting to retrieve and remove the device.  The IUD arm may become lost in the body, requiring scans or other imaging to locate the device fragments.  In serious cases, a hysterectomy or other surgical procedure may be required to fully remove the device. 

Risks of Paragard include:

  • Uterine rupture
  • Permanent fertility loss
  • Laparotomy
  • Need for c-section in delivery
  • Hysterectomy or Hysteroscopy
  • Need for fragment removal within the body

Do I Need a Paragard IUD Attorney?

Sadly, this defective design has caused not only physical trauma to women, but also emotional trauma.  Plaintiffs attorneys have filed at least  15 lawsuits, and we anticipate many more to follow. Only you can decide if you would like to take legal action.  However, be aware there is a LIMITED TIME to file a claim.  If you experienced Paragard IUD arm breakage at removal, you may want to consider legal action.  Do not hesitate to contact an attorney. A claim must be filed before it is too late.

Paragard, originally manufactured by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., is now a CooperSurgical, Inc. medical device. The Cooper Companies entered into a $1.1 billion purchase agreement with Teva Pharmaceutical.

These complications are not only physically harmful, but they can also cause emotional distress.  The Ruth Law Team is here to help women nationwide who have suffered due to Paragard IUD arm breakage.  We have female attorneys available to discuss your case and evaluate your claim. Do not hesitate to call today.  Your time to file a claim is limited! Reach us day or night at 888-783-8378.