The attorneys of the Ruth Law Team have been closely following the massive government-mandated recall of defective automobile airbags produced by the major parts manufacturer, Takata. The House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce recently heard reports from the NHSTA that due to the size of the recall, a shortage of materials for replacement airbags may result in many people whose cars are subject to the recall having to wait for a protracted period to get remedy for their airbag. They fear these people will ignore the recall and warn that failure to adhere to the recall may lead to injury, for which the driver (and not Takata) would be responsible. Further, Takata announced that some previously repaired airbags may need to be replaced due to faulty replacement parts, further delaying the recall process.

It has come to the attention of some of the senior leadership of the firm that many people might not be sure what their legal rights may be. If you or a loved one was injured as the result of a defective airbag produced by Takata prior to receiving a national recall notice in the mail (which would have been delivered sometime in the past few months), read more here, or give us a call at (888) 783-8378 to discuss your potential legal rights.

If you’ve received a notification of a recall that has been issued for your vehicle, it is IMPERATIVE that you make an appointment with your local dealership to have the defective airbag removed ASAP. Failure to follow the recall order may result in the foreclosing of your legal rights and may cause serious harm to you or your family. To check and see if your vehicle may be affected by the recall, call your car dealership, or check out the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s website for more details.