The recent severe storms in the Tampa Bay region like those in Pasco County that produced high winds, numerous lightning strikes, and knocked out power in for many, serve as reminder that we live in a region prone to intense storm cells that can affect us dramatically at a moment’s notice. While this is a year-round issue for us here in Tampa Bay, it becomes especially important as we enter hurricane season. Hurricanes pose perhaps the greatest natural threat to Floridians every year, and this year looks to be no less dangerous.

It’s important to be prepared for severe weather wherever you live. Building a preparedness kit is a great way to start. Gather supplies like batteries, lamps, weather-proof clothing, fresh water, and non-perishable food. It’s a good idea to have at least a week’s worth of supplies on hand every storm season. Perhaps more important than a preparedness kit, is an evacuation plan. In hurricane season, evacuation should become the priority protocol. Despite our best efforts, most structures stand little chance of surviving a direct hit from a significant storm surge, and those that do will quickly become over-filled with people seeking shelter from the elements. Therefore, it is generally a better idea to secure your home and evacuate to a place outside of the path of the storm.

Storm safety is no laughing matter, and should be taken seriously. Even an average afternoon shower can quickly become deadly, with lighting strikes and driving rain making any outdoor activity dangerous. Florida is the lighting capital of the U.S., and is second only to Guinea in Africa in the number of strikes. So please, the Ruth Law Team urges you to play it safe this summer and avoid putting yourself in harm’s way.