Update: While Starkist did not admit to any wrongdoing, it agreed to pay out either $25 in cash or $50 worth of tuna. However, participants in the class action lawsuit ended up getting less than $3 if they chose cash, and about $5 if they chose coupons for tuna. More than $2.5 million people joined the lawsuit, which was 12 times more than Starkist originally anticipated.

Original Post:

WANT $25.00??? Yup, cash.  Turns out Starkist was accused of cheating by putting less than the labeled weight of tuna in their cans. It was only by a small amount, but when multiplied by the thousands of cans they sell it amounted to a big savings for Starkist. As the result of a lawsuit filed against Starkist, it can amount to a payout for you. While not “admitting fault,” Starkist has agreed to a class action settlement. Here’s what you need to know:

You can get $25.00 if you purchased any one of the following Starkist tuna products between 2/19/2009 and 10/31/2014:

* 5 oz. Chunk Light in Water

* 5 oz. Chunk Light in Oil

* 5 oz. Solid White in Water

* 5 oz. Solid White in Oil

Once you get to this site (NOW CLOSED) there are easy to follow instructions to guide you through what you need to do to receive your $25.00 cash portion or $50 Starkist coupon settlement. Time is of the essence as the deadline for applying for your settlement is November 20. 2015, so you need to take click on that link now if you want to opt in.

The purpose of the lawsuit was to make a point to Starkist, as well as other corporations, that the consumer should get what the manufacturer says they’re getting and what Federal statutes and regulations require they get. Without these types of lawsuits which seek accountability, food manufacturers will take advantage of the lack of vigilance and make millions of dollars shorting the containers of food products.

Class action law suits like this help to keep big corporations from placing their profits over people and in some instances, even putting the lives of consumers and their families in jeopardy.