Pictured: Attorneys Jessica Shahady and Eric Roslansky with our client

$444,000. That’s how much a Pinellas County jury awarded one of our clients yesterday, who sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident. The trial, held at Pinellas County Courthouse, lasted four days, and the jury deliberated several hours before awarding the verdict. The jury ruled against Geico Insurance Company in favor of our client, a hard-working and kind man who was injured through no fault of his own.

Our client, an avid cyclist and health enthusiast, was injured when an uninsured motorist rear-ended him while sitting in traffic. His car was hit with enough force to propel his vehicle into the car in front of him, which then collided into a fourth car. Our client sustained multiple injuries to the head, neck and back, and he has been unable to fully perform all the activities he once enjoyed. Unfortunately, our client will likely continue to incur medical expenses every year for the rest of his life due to the injuries sustained in the collision.

We are so proud to have represented such a wonderful person and are honored the jury awarded a verdict that was just and proper.

Our client had this to say about his experience with The Ruth Law Team:

This comment is rather a long note of gratitude for my experience with your firm. When I called your firm for the first time I was wondering what kind of treatment I’d receive! How will they look at me? Will they see me as I really am?

The care and attention you gave me can’t be forgotten. Your kindness, caring and your way of making me feel I’m not just a client but a friend. You gave me your time, expertise and knowledge. You helped me to get better and to feel better; you made me want to be better. You did all of that without making me feel you were going out of your way or doing anything special. You were more than attorneys, You are amazing, inspiring humans being. For sometimes I search and I needed a hero in my life I almost give up and suddenly here’s Jessica and Eric. You are my Super Heroes.

I also don’t want to forget about all the people behind the curtain. Thank you all. Special thanks to Carlos he is a wonderful person he was amazing in follow up and addressing all my requests and concerns.

I came to your firm with a damaged body and broken spirit; despite the permanent ache and the permanent damaged in my body, you managed to lift up my spirit.
Thank you.

The Ruth Law Team’s trial attorneys are well-known in the courtroom. We represent victims who have been injured through no fault of their own. For more than 35 years, we have handled solely personal injury and product liability cases. If you, too, have been injured in an auto accident, contact us for a free case evaluation by filling out the form to the right or calling (888) 783-8378.