Medtronic has announced a voluntary recall of 2,622 StrataMR valves and shunts due to an increase in complaints. The valves and shunts, used in hydrocephalus management, control the flow of cerebrospinal fluid that is drained from the brain and is used to help relieve intracranial pressure. Unfortunately, complaints indicate the valves and shunts may lead to under-drainage of cerebrospinal fluid, which could result in nausea, vomiting, lethargy and headaches. If left untreated, under-drainage may ultimately lead to coma or even death.

The valves and shunts were manufactured and marketed by Medtronic’s Neurosurgery division, and they were distributed worldwide. The recall affects products manufactured between October 27, 2015 and November 11, 2016. There has been one report of death, although it has not yet been confirmed if it is related to this potentially defective product.

Medtronic has issued a notice to customers and has requested physicians to immediately cease use of the product.

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