Its hard to believe that its that time of year again! Hurricane season in the Atlantic began June 1st and ends November 30th.

  • The National Weather Services National Hurricane Center provides the very latest hurricane information so you can track the hurricane’s path and receive warnings and evacuation notices. The best way to protect yourself and family is to prepare ahead of time.
  • Check out Pinellas County Florida’s emergency survival kit for items you should have ready during hurricane season.

You can save money on your insurance policy too:

  • Just days before the start of hurricane season, the Ruth Law Team helped Habitat for Humanity build a home with the very latest hurricane protection construction. Video shows Ruth Law Team case manager Kellie using a nail gun to secure roof tie-down clips. For more information on emerging technologies for hurricane protection, you can visit The site illustrates and explains in detail how roof tie-down clips, similar to those Kellie secured, work to protect homes during a hurricane. Wind mitigation methods like tie-down clips can sometimes be applied to older homes. After installing tie-downs and other measures, you can hire a licensed inspector to perform a home wind mitigation inspection. You can send the inspection to your home owner’s insurance carrier to reduce your premiums.

Be safe and plan ahead for hurricane season.