You may already be aware Florida is considered to have the worst drivers in the nation due to millions failing to carry insurance, high DUI rates, and a large number of deaths per thousand drivers. These are all alarming trends, but they aren’t the only concerns to Florida drivers. Wrong-way accidents are also plaguing our roadways and are a danger to safe drivers and pedestrians everywhere.

Stay Right at Night

Florida has adopted a new campaign slogan to increase awareness and improve safety for Florida drivers: Stay Right at Night. It encourages drivers to drive in the right-hand lane during the evening hours. Researchers with the Florida Department of Highway Safety (FLHSMV) and Motor Vehicles have found a high number of wrong-way crashes occur in the center and left lanes of an interstate or highway, and many of those result in serious injury or death.

You may be wondering what causes drivers to hop onto a ramp in the wrong direction. Did they take a wrong turn? Was it too dark to notice road signs or painted stripes? Or was the driver simply confused? Unfortunately, Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s advocate Linda Unfried says nearly 99% of wrong-way crashes are due to the driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And with more than 8400 deaths in Florida attributed to drunk drivers between 2003 and 2012, this is a very serious (and avoidable!) matter.

What If I See a Wrong-Way Driver?

FLHSMV encourages you to immediately call 911 if you spot someone driving the wrong way. If a driver is heading toward you, pull off the roadway as quickly as possible. Flash your high beams and sound your horn in an effort to warn the wrong-way driver.

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