Way to go Southwest Airlines!

I was on a flight today from Louisville, KY back to Tampa. A woman in the terminal was dressed in pink flashy clothes with a shiny crown, wacky sunglasses and large slippers on – she caught the eye of many travelers – most probably hoping that she wouldn’t sit next to them.

As it turns out, the woman dressed like that every year on this date to honor the death of her daughter who passed away 8 years earlier – apparently her daughter liked to dress up in crazy clothes and celebrate “Wacky Wednesday.”

To help honor the woman and her daughter, the flight attendants on the airplane quickly donned Wacky glasses and crowns while the passengers were boarding the plane in a show of support for the terrible tragedy.

It was a very touching moment and many of the passengers applauded not only the woman and her courage to honor her daughter, but also the flight attendants for showing their support.

Sometimes we need these little reminders to remember how wonderful people are. So today, I commend Southwest Airlines for helping support a grief stricken mother.