The attorney hired by General Motors, Kenneth Feiberg, updated the official death toll from crashes from defective ignition switches to 42. GM originally linked just 13 deaths to their faulty ignition switches. That number has more than tripled.  The fund established by GM has acknowledged that 100 claims of the 2,326 claims since August are eligible for financial compensation.

GM was aware that the ignition switches in may of their small cars was defective and yet they waited to recall them until February of this year. The defective ignition switches will cause the car to turn off, stall the car, turning off the power steering and the airbags — increasing the risk of having a fatal accident.

GM is accepting claims until January 31st. If you have any questions about an accident involving a defective ignition switch, please contact the accident attorneys at the Ruth Law Team now for a free consultation. (888) 783-8378.