We are proud to announce that Eric Roslansky, Lead Trial Attorney at The Ruth Law Team has met the standards of certification as a Board Certified Specialist in Civil Trial Law. Less than two percent of eligible Florida Bar members are Board Certified Civil Trial lawyers.

According to The Florida Bar, its Certification for Lawyers recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law, professionalism, and ethics in practice. Attorneys such as Eric Roslansky who have earned Board Certification in a particular area are evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise. Eric’s certification was granted today, June 1, 2017.

In order to earn his Board Certification in Civil Trial Law, Eric had to meet the following requirements set forth by the Florida Bar:

  • Practice law for at least five years
  • Demonstrate substantial involvement in the field of Civil Trial Law
  • Pass satisfactory peer review of competence in Civil Trial Law in addition to character, ethics, and professionalism
  • Satisfy Civil Trial Law area’s certification and continuing legal education requirements
  • Achieve a passing grade on the examination

“Lawyers strive for excellence in every endeavor. Board certification is the natural progression of this innate desire, as it is the only way that they can say they are ‘evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise,’” said 2015-2016 Board of Legal Specialization & Education Chair Cynthia Johnson-Stacks. “This highest of achievements not only benefits the individual lawyer but by encouraging lawyers to hone their skills and practice with professionalism, the certification program is a great service to The Florida Bar and the public.”

All of us at The Ruth Law Team are so honored to have Eric as an integral part of our legal and trial team, and we are extremely proud of his accomplishments. Congratulations, Eric!