After report of multiple incidents of the failure of the front fork on some models of its high end carbon framed bicycles, Specialized has voluntarily recalled various models for free inspection and if a defect is identified, a free repair. This recall was first issued on January 20, 2013, and applies to approximately 12,200 bicycles sold in the US between July 2011 through January 2013 and retailing for between $990 to $11,000. This recall involves various models which are identified on the Specialized website ( both by model number and photograph.
While the merits of carbon fiber are debated among bicyclists, the sudden failure of any frame is cause for concern due to the danger of unavoidable accident and injury. With many bicycles being manufactured in China and Taiwan, it may be the manufacturing process and the lack of oversight and standards that has more to do with product failure than one particular material versus another. With competition for timely and lower cost production in play, the incidence of sub-standard manufacturing (think Chinese dry wall, for example) is becoming a more frequent issue.
If you have experienced a bicycling accident resulting in injury due to product failure, ie sudden shearing of parts, please contact our office immediately. We will have an attorney speak with you to get the facts of what may potentially be a claim against the manufacturer and could result in financial reimbursement for you to cover medical bills, loss of wages due to the injury, compensation for pain and suffering, and replacement of the damaged bicycle.
For this or any other accident resulting from a product defect, please call 1-888-SteveRuth today. There are strict standards in place in order to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with the use of thousands of consumer products. Unfortunately, as new products continually come onto the market, the possibility of product failure—whether through material or design defect—is a recurring issue. Our firm, the Ruth Law Team, has extensive experience in working on behalf of our clients to fight for their rights and to get the economic recovery they deserve.