Although you have rights to seek compensation for your injuries, expenses, and property damage after an accident, collecting from an insurance company will be a battle. How so? Insurance companies will fight to pay you as little as possible. Here are 10 things you MUST know if you’re injured in an auto accident.

  1. Adjusters are trained to find or create weaknesses in the evidence needed to prove your case. You must prove the other driver was at fault. The police report may not be admissible evidence. The fact that the other driver got a ticket is also is likely NOT admissible evidence. 
  2. Adjusters will try to talk to witnesses as quickly as possible to take statements that will diminish their credibility. There may be no witnesses to the accident. If there are, they could leave the area. The adjuster will find them quickly and try to take statements that will diminish their credibility. 
  3. Insurance adjusters are trained to ask confusing questions. If you give an adjuster a recorded statement, the adjuster may ask questions that will trap you into making admissions that could later hurt your case. 
  4. The other driver may claim it wasn’t his or her fault. After talking to his or her insurance company, the other driver may later decide that he/she was not at fault. That person could even assert you were partly at fault by going too fast, not looking, or even not stopping soon enough to prevent the crash. 
  5. You must prove the accident caused a permanent injury. The insurance adjusters will want all your medical records for any medical treatment you had PRIOR to the accident. They will argue that any preexisting pain or problem was the real cause of your automobile injury claim. If the impact between the vehicles was not significant, they may say you have only a minor injury. The adjuster will assert you must prove, by a doctor’s sworn testimony, that the accident caused you a permanent injury. Otherwise, you are only entitled out-of-pocket medical expenses. 
  6. Many doctors don’t want to treat those injured in car crashes. Some also won’t help you prove your case by writing reports or testifying when needed. Those kind of doctors (and there are many) are well-known by the insurance companies. In fact, they pay them well to perform compulsory medical exams to say you are just fine or are faking your injuries. 
  7. If the impact is low, they’ll claim it’s physically impossible for you to be injured. If the car damage is minor, they will have a high-paid “expert engineer” say that the energy of impact was so low that it is physically impossible for an occupant to sustain a permanent injury. 
  8. Adjusters will have covert surveillance of your activities. They may follow you around town and/or probe your background for prior claims, lawsuits or family issues. 
  9. Insurance companies will delay and drag out your case with vague, low ball offers. Adjusters do this in hopes that the time to file a lawsuit will expire. 
  10. Adjusters will never pay partial settlements. They want you to become desperate and settle for far less then you rightfully deserve.

You have rights. Know your rights. Call a personal injury lawyer for legal advice (preferably one who actually handles cases to trial if needed). These consultations are free and will, in the long run, save you time and money. Call 888-783-8378 for your free case review with a trusted attorney.